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Authenticating clients with the LifeMonitor API

This documentation concerns Generic Clients (not Registry Clients).

API key

Once you have logged in to the LifeMonitor web application you can create an API key for your client. Select the API Keys tab, then click on the NEW button.

LM Click to create new API key

The new API key appears in the list and is immediately ready to use. Copy it and configure your client to use it. The API calls compatible with API Key authentication are specified in the API specs: look at the top right of each call’s section for a list of authentication methods compatible with that call.


LifeMonitor supports OAuth2 Authorization Code authentication. All API calls compatible with this authentication scheme are visible in the API specs with the authentication scheme OAuth (AuthorizationCodeFlow).

To use OAuth2 with LifeMonitor, you have to register your client first.

Registering your OAuth2 client with LifeMonitor

Log in to the web application at

Select the OAuth Apps tab.

LM OAuth Apps list

Click on the NEW button on the right. The OAuth2 Application Client module opens.

LM OAuth Application Client

The configuration of this module is actually specific to the client application you’re using. For a specific example you can look at the instructions on how to set up the restish command line client.