LifeMonitor Web App

The LifeMonitor Web App provides a graphical interface to the service, allowing to get a quick overview of the status of monitored workflows.

The web app’s landing page displays the status of public workflows. At the top, an overall summary bar shows the number of workflows for each category:

LM workflow status summary

The rest of the page is devoted to a table that reports the detailed status of each workflow:

LM workflow status details

Each row contains, from left to right:

A click on either the workflow’s name/UUID or the pie chart leads to a similar table, this time containing detailed information on each test suite belonging to the workflow:

LM test suite status

Each row shows the following:

Again, clicking on the suite’s name/UUID or on the pie chart brings us to the next level of detail, that of test instances, which is structured in a similar way to the ones above. Finally, clicking on the instance’s name leads to the instance’s main page on the CI service, while clicking on the build bars takes to each individual build’s page.

Authenticated users

The previous section dealt with browsing through public workflows. To see your private workflows, log in by clicking on “Sign in” at the top right of the landing page. Assuming you’ve already logged in to LifeMonitor, you will receive an authorization request from the Web application:

LM web app authorization request

Click on “Allow” at the bottom; you will be taken back to the dashboard, but this time you should also be able to see any workflow you’ve registered with private visibility.