Getting Started

There are several ways you can interact with LifeMonitor:

Under the hood, all of the above access the service via the API. Most API calls require authentication, so the first thing to do is create an account.

Create an account and authenticate

Point your browser to the LifeMonitor API endpoint

:bulb: If you just want to play around or get familiar with the API, use the dev instance of LifeMonitor (replace with throughout these instructions and examples).

:warning: Please note that the dev instance is meant for testing / development and could be wiped out at any time with no warning.

LM login page

Click on the “Log in” button.

You can log in directly with an existing account from one of the supported external identity providers, like GitHub or WorkflowHub (use the appropriate buttons for this).

Alternatively you can click on “Sign Up” and follow the registration procedure to create an LM-specific account.

LM Sign In form

Start Life Monitoring

How to interact with LifeMonitor depends on your tech level and what you want to achieve. The web GUI is the easiest way to access the service and get an immediate visual feedback on workflow status. For more advanced, feature-complete and programmatic interaction, you can use the REST API – e.g., with your own custom client or with a general openAPI command line client.

You will need to decide how to authenticate your client. Depending on your client of choice, you may want to create an API key or use full OAuth2 authentication.

API examples

The API specifications contain examples you can try out using your API key. Head over to